Log Buffer #61: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

by Arnold Daniels on 09/7/2007

This week I have the honer of write Log Buffer. If you’re a fan of everything new and shiny, just sit back, because you’ll enjoy this weeks edition.

For those who’ve never heard of Arnold Daniels. I’m a software engineer at Javeline, an active member of the MySQL community and the author of lib_mysqludf_xql which is part of the MySQL UDF Repository. Well thats more than enough about me. I’m not here to get a job or a date, but to bring you the latest news.

Dreaming of Oracle features
Oracle has recently brought out version 11g of their database server. Just when you thought other DBMSs were catching up in the feature departement, Oracle goes and leaps ahead. It’s packed with new and useful features. Arup Narda has started a series of articles about the top new features for DBAs and developers. But before start migrating all your servers, Yahoo reported of ‘Stupid’ holes in 11g discovered Alexander Kornbrust. By that, Eric Gross concluded that rushing into new versions usually isn’t a good idea.

Sneak preview of PosgreSQL 8.3
In PosgreSQL land, Merlin Moncure is giving a sneak preview of the new features of PosgreSQL 8.3. In Postgres, you have the ability to create complex types and use arrays, version 8.3 will combine these 2 features. In another nice article he explained how use the array functionality to create a tree structure as a query result.

Falcon is coming
MySQL isn’t standing still in bringing new features as well. Erik Wetterberg talks a bit more about the new LOAD XML feature implemented in (the still unavailable) version 5.2.
On a bigger scale, MySQL is pushing forward the new Falcon transactional storage engine. Voices in the community though say that Falcon is not yet ready for this attention. Jeremy Cole has some critique on his blog. Ben Krug has decided to put his opinion in a poem.

More news
Fernando Nunes reports that IDS will get stronger suppor for linux. Ravi S.Maniam has an article about enhancements in date and time data types for Microsofts SQL server 2008.

Becoming a hero
Having the right answer at the right time is what can make people appreciate that you’re around.
Coskan Gundogar shows a method of restoring your data in Oracle even if you’ve lost your controlfile backups. He does not that when that happens, it’s probably a good time to use Oracle support and not try fiddling yourself. Christian Bilien found a way of moving 10TB of data from a non-RAC to a RAC system. Just image telling your boss `moving 10TB, sure no problem`.
On xaprb an article was posted, describing a cunning way to notify event listeners in MySQL.
Joe Webb has an interesting post about how the SQL optimizer can make a mistake depending on the statistics for an index in SQL server.

The end of the RDBMS
Michael Stonebraker advocates the coming of column-oriented databases and with it the end of RDBMSs. The article also got good coverage by computer world, stating that big names like Google have started using column-oriented DBs with its BigTable and more will follow.
Peteris Krumins has collected a huge amount of video links about scalability, including one about Googles BigTable. You can also get a look bind the scenes for YouTube and Wikipedia. MySQL and its cluster also pass the stage.
I don’t know if Peteris was planning to visit the Oracle installfest in Riga, but if so he isn’t getting a T-Shirt.

That wraps it up for this weeks Log Buffer. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Many thanks to Dave Edwards for giving me this opportunity and helping to collect articles. And remember don’t be shy, you may visit my blog anytime.

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