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What's different?


With the improved typeahead, it's easy to fetch the data using AJAX.

It support key/value pairs (objects) next to normal arrays. Also you can convert a <select> to a typeahead.

Input mask

Force the user to enter data conform a specific format.

Unlike validation, the user can't enter any other key than the ones specified by the mask.

Row link

Don't like when can only click on one column in a table?

Row link is a simple javascript plugin that makes the whole row clickable.

File upload

With the file upload plugin you can create visually appealing file or image upload widgets.

The image upload widget shows a preview of the selected image even before it's uploaded.

Iconic icons

The iconic font set adds 170 new icons to Bootstrap. These icons can be used with buttons, menus, links, etc.

Because these icons are a font, they can be styled just like text.

Page alerts

Know those nice little alerts after you save your profile? With .page-alert the alert will be shown on top op your page.

Semi-fluid layout

Get the best of both worlds with a semi-fluid layout. It acts as a fixed layout for big screens. For smaller screens, it behaves like a fluid layout.

Desktop rows

By default columns of a row are show next to each other for tablets and desktops and not for phones. A desktop row displays acts like a row for desktops only and not for tablets or phones.

Action links

Sometimes a button will pull to much attention to an action. In those cases, you can use action links instead.

Action links look distinctly different than normal links.

Form elements

Go beyond uneditable input and create a full uneditable form, with disabled and uneditable elements.

Add .editor to a textarea to create a larger field for content editing.

Form styles

Combine horizontal and vertical forms. Using wells in horizontal forms now looks clean.

Use smaller labels to fit more input fields on one screen.


Tabs work better than ever. You now have a bordered tabbable available. Also, a container can be turned into a tabbable.


Each customized contains a `custom.json` file, which can be used to use the same packages and variables when upgrading.

Automatically includes the CSS for jQuery plugins.

Download js plugins

Download a jQuery plugin directly from the javascript docs, including required CSS.


  • Action area for header .header-actions
  • Action area for tables .table-actions
  • Fixed margin for modal forms

Introducing Bootstrap.

By nerds, for nerds.

Built at Twitter by @mdo and @fat, Bootstrap utilizes LESS CSS, is compiled via Node, and is managed through GitHub to help nerds do awesome stuff on the web.

Made for everyone.

Bootstrap was made to not only look and behave great in the latest desktop browsers (as well as IE7!), but in tablet and smartphone browsers via responsive CSS as well.

Packed with features.

A 12-column responsive grid, dozens of components, JavaScript plugins, typography, form controls, and even a web-based Customizer to make Bootstrap your own.

Built with Bootstrap.